Verification & KYC Check App

Fraud-free, instant verification with checks & reports your clients will love you for.

Bulk Allocation.

Verification done for Loans, Credit Cards etc. requires a checks to be in place while covering a huge amount of volume. With FeetPort, it easy to add them and allocate them to your field agents. Whether you prepare an excel, consume our API or directly use a signup form for customers, we have you covered from all directions.

Quick-scan ID Proofs.

Everything you need to double verify ID proofs are available in FeetPort. To save you time, FeetPort comes built-in with OCR, which can easily pick text information inside a photo.

Aadhaar eKYC & More.

For customers in India, we’ve got integrations working out of the box with Aadhaar eKYC APIs, Digilocker, PAN, DL, Voter etc. to cross verify information directly from the Government.

Secure Storage.

The FeetPort mobile apps ensure every ID proof and customer data you capture on the go.

Nothing you capture inside the app ever gets stored on the phone and nothing from the phone comes into the app. They coexist – happily!

Geotag + Geofencing Enabled.

FeetPort adds geotagging for all customers locations so that you have every verification is stored along with its detailed location.

And yes, to be 100% sure that your team visits the right place, we’ve built a layer of geofencing to ensure the right addresses are visited.

Real-time Dashboards.

The detailed dashboards in FeetPort brings timely updates in front of you. From the verification updates, to geographic KYC sources, to team productivity, everything you need available in a click.

And what else is great?

You can easily create new dashboards of your choice using the very powerful dashboard builder.
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