Sales Force Management

The complete Sales suite your team deserves - with features you never knew you needed.

Customer 360°

Sales thrives on regular paying customers. And there is no better way than to put your customers data front and center.

In FeetPort, every customer gets a 360 degree view of their profile, their transactions, their feed and communication. All of this ready for you!

Beat Planning.

Have a team visiting retailers and customers regularly?

Fret not. FeetPort has built-in logics to let you create beat plans for your teams. Getting your team to meet more customers, setting up more meetings with new leads is what your business needs. And thats what FeetPort delivers.

Meetings on Calendar.

Set meetings with customers and get timely updates on them.

And with what we’ve learnt from COVID19, meetings aren’t physical any more – you can even setup virtual meetings directly from FeetPort and store your plan in the app.

Track Orders.

FeetPort enables your team to keep complete track of all the orders taken with a customer.

Whether its a repeat order or a new one, FeetPort stores everything and provides detailed analysis of orders taken over a period of time, by a certain customer or even customer in a specific geography.

Performance Tracking.

Your sales team work day and night to get you more business. FeetPort helps you put a spotlight on the matter.

It’s super easy to set goals and see your team achieve them. FeetPort goes further and also calculates their incentives and provides you reports about them.

Team Dashboards.

With team dashboards, you can keep up to date with all that is going on in your team.

Attendance marked, tasks done, customers met, leads onboarded, invoices processed, goals met, incentives earned – all of this and more is available within FeetPort.
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