Sales Force Management

Sales Force Management

Let’s assume

You have a sales team which generates leads and sets up meeting with new/old customers to introduce them to your products and services. Alternatively, your sales team meets with retailers, merchants, distributors to take further orders on your products and services from time to time.

With your large sales force, it becomes difficult to:

  • Manage the entire team from a single location
  • Keep track of attendance and payroll
  • Remain upto date with customer interactions & feedback
  • Calculate the targets, goals and incentives of your sales staff
  • measure and reimburse the expenses of your sales team for their travel, stay, meals etc.

How does FeetPort transform Sales Force Management

Managing a sales team is like learning a new trick everyday! FeetPort provides you smarter and effective ways to manage your sales staff.
With FeetPort, you can finally take control of your team


Sales Force features in FeetPort

  • Beat Plans with Routes

  • Schedule Customer Meetings

Schedule Customer Meetings

  • Team Location Visibility

Team Location Visibility

  • Product & Order Management
  • Mobile Product Catalog with Search

Mobile Product Catalog with Search

  • Sales Target/Goals Management

Sales Target/Goals Management

  • Sales Incentive Calculation & Automation
  • Customer Location on Google Maps

  • Route Optimization for Meetings

Route Optimization for Meetings

  • Claim & Expense Management on Mobile

What are the benefits?

  • Sales Team Visibility
  • Boost your Sales by 2x
  • Automated Reports on SMS/Emails
  • Live Team Performance Dashboards
  • Reliable software for your team
  • Real-time updates to all the participants
  • Minimize complexity