Mobile Data Collection

Go from physical to digital listing in under 1 hour.

Collect over 400 Fields.

Data collection may require a series of questions along with follow up questions based on responses. With FeetPort you can easily create a questionnaire with upto 400 questions.

Conditional Efficiency.

Every question has a follow up question and then some more. FeetPort puts no limits on why and how you use it.

Add questions, add more conditional questions and keep going.

Secure Media. Always.

The FeetPort mobile apps ensure every ID proof and customer data you capture on the go.

Nothing you capture inside the app ever gets stored on the phone and nothing from the phone comes into the app. They coexist – happily!

Standard Answers.

Want to reduce errors in data collection?

Let you team always select standard answers, pre-defined and validated for your business requirement.

Geo-Intelligent Data.

FeetPort captures more than just an address during data collection. With the detailed latitude and longitide, you can easily capture demographic, topographic, historic data about any place and use it for your business requirement.

Integration Ready.

Data collection leads to data preparation which further leads to data analysis.

FeetPort comes with ready-to-use APIs which are easily integrable into your system. Taking data in and out is super easy with the RESTful APIs.
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