Mobile Attendance

Embrace the new way things work. Remote work monitored by your remote control.

Presence via GPS.

When you team is mobile, then their attendance should also be mobile.

FeetPort allows your field team to mark in and out with just a tap. All it takes is a selfie and their location.

Say Yes with a Selfie!

A selfie quickly validates the presence of your team member at any remote location. Moreover, you get to see whether its them on the job or someone else.

Face Recognition Enabled.

If you’re not around all the time, FeetPort can help you identify your automatically. With Face Recognition built into the attendance layer, you can sit back and receive automated updates on who signs in and out.

Approvals for All.

FeetPort brings multi-level approvals for teams in scenarios which aren’t automated. Whether its an employee signing in late, or applying for a leave at a short notice or marking attendance outside their area, you’ve got everything under the radar.

Geofencing. Check.

FeetPort adds geotagging for all locations wherever attendance is marked.

And yes, to be 100% sure that your team signs in at the right place, we’ve built a layer of geofencing to ensure the right areas are visited.

Ready Exports for Payroll.

Your business needs more than just an attendance marking system.

With FeetPort, you can easily customise reports for connecting with your payroll processing system – so its one click and go!
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