Real Time Attendance

Real Time Attendance

Let’s assume

You have a field team for sales, marketing, delivery, repair, verification, inspection or others but you are never upto date about when your team comes on duty. When they start working for the day and when they “sign out”.

  • This leads to problems in managing:
  • Attendance of your field team
  • Leaves and holidays for the team
  • Payroll processing and salary calculation

How does FeetPort transform Real Time Attendance

At FeetPort, it is our goal to bring information from all aspects of your business directly to you. With real-time attendance built into FeetPort, you can rest assured that you are updated with all the check-ins and outs of your entire team across the globe!

FeetPort uses the live location and selfie capture for every employee to mark their attendance at a location at any given time. Since no one can tamper with that data, it is safe and accurate to process your payroll and other reports!

Mobile Attendance app features in FeetPort

  • Mobile App on Android & iPhones
  • Live location capture
  • Geofencing with GPS
  • Works with the daily visit planner
  • Works with face-recognition

What are the benefits?

  • Stress free start to the day
  • Fool proof attendance
  • Live updates on presence
  • Simplified report download in Excel