Field Survey App

Field Survey App

Let’s assume

You carry out surveys at various locations meeting public, shoppers, protestors, citizens and others to know more about their views. These surveys are generally allocated to you by your client who is looking to have an idea about the public opinion on a topic which is important for their future campaign, plans, targets and growth.

Many a time the information collected is plagued with:

  • Inaccurate information
  • Answers which are not clear
  • Paper based responses further difficult to capture digitally
  • Absence of location information
  • Lack of authentic proof

How does FeetPort transform Field Survey

Now you can create surveys within FeetPort and allocate these digital surveys to your field surveyors. The surveyor can easily access the survey app on iPad, or use the survey app on Android phone or tablets. Thereafter, capturing responses for the surveys becomes really easy!

Your surveyors can easily choose the options on the touchscreen and the answers can be stored on the device (in case internet is unavailable) which is synced in real-time.

Mobile Survey features in FeetPort

  • Digital Survey Questionnaire
  • Mobile Survey app on iPad & iPhone
  • Mobile Survey app for Android
  • Real-time Survey sync

What are the benefits?

  • Zero loss for survey responses
  • Save hours of data entry
  • Minimize survey capture time
  • Fully utilise your surveyors
  • Real-time updates