Verification, KYC & Inspection System

Verification, KYC & Inspection System


Let’s assume

You have a team on the ground, who is responsible for verifying customers or inspecting applicants for one or many of the services applied by them. These services can be related to finance, banking, insurance, investment, telecommunications, trade and others. Sometimes, you may outsource this work to a 3rd party like an agency or expert who works for several such players.

Verification and inspection done by the on-ground team is often plagued with issues like:

  • Lack of accurate location information
  • Fraudulent data capture
  • Incomplete details in the registration/onboarding form
  • Loss of physical documents

How does FeetPort transform Verification & Inspection system

FeetPort was first built as a hobby project in 2014 to cater to verification and inspection of customers applying for loans and telecommunication connections. With advancement in the technology, FeetPort also added multi-farious features for verification of applicants.

With FeetPort, you can easily carry out address verification for an applicant entirely from a mobile device. The ID proofs are seamlessly captured and auto-populated using OCR (optical character recognition). The addresses visited by your field team are captured by the click of a button and showed on Google Maps directly.

Inception and Verification app features in FeetPort

  • Automatically allocate work based on zip code
  • Auto-population of customer info
  • Geotagging of customer information
  • Authentic fraud-free media capture
  • Live Dashboards
  • Automatic report generation

What are the benefits?

  • Be complaint to all standards
  • Maximise the quality
  • Delight your customers
  • Genuinity of visit is ensured
  • Geo-tagging of all media
  • Secure storage for sensitive data
  • Increased productivity

New Features!

  • Face Recognition
  • Video Call / Video KYC
  • DigiLocker Integrated
  • OCR – Scanning Text from IDs
  • API based Verification for PAN, DL & Voter Card (India)
  • Offline Aadhaar, Aadhaar eSign on Documents