Field Survey

Reduce the time of getting surveys started to receiving results - from days to minutes.

Create Survey in Minutes.

You have questions to ask and we have the tool. With FeetPort, creating a survey with 20 questions takes less than 10 minutes.

With the Digital Form builder, you can easily drag-n-drop question types and start adding your answers and conditions.

Supports 60+ Languages.

Besides having the ability to create super fast surveys on web and mobile – FeetPort brings all these features across 60 different languages.

Moreover, your team members can choose the language they are comfortable in and fill out the survey at ease.

Instant Sync with Mobile Apps.

Whenever you make changes to your survey questionnaire, it sends out an update to all the connected devices. So within minutes, not days, all your team members will receive the updated survey questionnaire.

Intelligent Scoring System.

Every question inside the survey carries a value which may differ from one question to the next.

With FeetPort, you can allocate a score value to not only every question but even on its various options. For e.g. answering yes is +1 and no is -1.

Automated Data Analysis.

Every survey gets stored in the cloud along with all its responses. So whenever you need to see a detailed report or need it in your inbox periodically, its always ready for you.

Just setup your reporting frequency and you start receiving reports within minutes.

Snapshot with Dashboards.

The detailed dashboards in FeetPort brings timely updates in front of you. From the survey based updates, to geographic coverage, to team productivity, everything you need available in a click.

And what else is great?

You can easily create new dashboards of your choice using the very powerful dashboard builder.
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