Field Service Management

Serve more customers, with the same team and always on time.

Bulk Upload. Or API.

Your service business may open hundreds or thousands of tickets everyday. With FeetPort, it easy to open them and allocate them to your field technicians. Whether you prepare an excel, consume our API or directly use a service form for customers, we have you covered from all directions.

Digital Service Form.

Services provided to customers require the minutest of details to be captured and stored properly. With the digital service forms in FeetPort, you can design the form of your dreams, with complete dynamism for your business needs. Whenever you envision a change in the form, its easy to make changes, without asking us for any customisation.

Estimate Calculator.

Service businesses offer a plethora of variants. For every variant you may charge differently based on the customers preferences. FeetPort allows you to all your product details along with pricing and allow your technician to create an estimate for a customer before the delivery of service.

TAT Tracker.

FeetPort comes with a TAT tracker for your service tickets. So glancing over the tickets approaching deadline and far from it doesn’t take minutes, but seconds.

Moreover, if you’re away, FeetPort sends you alerts about tickets approaching their closure time.

Geotag + Geofence.

Customer service isn’t easy, so you need all the help you can get. FeetPort adds geotagging for all customers locations so that you have every ticket is stored along with its detailed location.

And yes, to be 100% sure that your team visits the right place, we’ve built a layer of geofencing to ensure the right addresses are visited.

Expansive Dashboards.

The detailed dashboards in FeetPort brings timely updates in front of you. From the ticket based updates, to geographic ticket sources, to team productivity, everything you need available in a click.

And what else is great?

You can easily create new dashboards of your choice using the very powerful dashboard builder.
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