Field Audit Checklist

Start doing audits digitally without being limited by technology.

Digitise upto 400 questions.

Audits require a series of questions along with follow up questions based on auditee responses. With FeetPort you can easily create an audit questionnaire with upto 400 questions.

Instant sync on Mobile.

Whenever you make changes to your audit questionnaire, it sends out an update to all the connected devices. So within minutes, not days, all your team members will receive the updated audit questionnaire.

Real-time Scoring.

Every question inside the audit carries a value which varies from one question to the next. With FeetPort, you can allocate a score value to not only every question but even on its various options. For e.g. answering yes is +1 and no is -1.

Authentic Audit Mechanism.

Audits in FeetPort come with a multi-layer security and fraud proofing mechanism. With checks on the auditors location, proximity to auditee, sign off from auditee and actual photographic proof, you have complete visiblity of the audit, from thousands of miles.

Secure closure with OTP.

Secure audits with final closure done via OTP. A one-time passcode can be sent to the auditee and shared with the auditor upon closure of the audit.

FeetPort ensures this is not used in a fraudulent manner with its instantaneous behavior.

Automatic Reports.

Every audit gets stored in the cloud along with all its responses. So whenever you need to see a detailed report or need it in your inbox periodically, its always ready for you.

Just setup your reporting frequency and you start receiving reports within minutes.
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