Employee Tracking System

Employee Tracking System

Let’s assume

You have a field team for sales, marketing, delivery, repair, verification, inspection or others but you are never upto date about who is going where, where they meets the customers, clients or merchants and how much time is spent with them.
This may lead to gaps in:

  • Finding the best person to do a job
  • Time spent by team member at a location
  • Route taken by a team member to reach a customer
  • Travel time to reach a certain location

How does FeetPort transform Employee Tracking System

At FeetPort, it is our goal to bring information from all aspects of your business directly to you. Now that smartphones are easily available, internet data plans are cheaper than ever, it is easy to be updated with wherever your teams are going.

Using the FeetPort mobile apps in conjunction with the web console, you can completely transform the working of your team. At every time interval, you can see the live location, battery, weather and status updates on all your team members directly relayed from their smartphones.

Employee Tracking App features in FeetPort

  • Location updates
  • Privacy control with shift timings
  • Location to address conversion
  • Battery life updates
  • Route taken by team
  • Distance travelled by field team
  • Best-in-class mobile authentication
  • Live notification system

What are the benefits?

  • Easy to use software
  • Plan your work allocation
  • Complete transparency between team and customers
  • Minimize time wastage
  • Reduce false travel expenses
  • Ready integration with APIs
  • Secure data storage in the cloud
  • Go live in under 10 minutes