Last mile delivery

Last mile delivery

Let’s assume

You have courier business or a last mile delivery business where you deploy hundreds of field delivery boys. These delivery guys are responsible for pickup of goods from your or your client’s warehouse and the goods need to be delivered to the customer’s address. While carrying them, the delivery boy must ensure that the boxes are well maintained and in shape before dropping them off.

  • You may have problems in knowing:
  • The latest location of every delivery boy
  • The time the last box was delivered by a boy
  • The time taken to reach a certain area
  • The status of delivery for which the customer is calling

How does FeetPort transform Last Mile Delivery

All you need is a tool which can do real-time tracking and update the whereabouts of each and every delivery boy. With FeetPort, you get a mobile app and an administrator app for your entire team. You can get detailed information about the –

  • Every time a delivery boy picks up a box
  • Every time a delivery boy drops off the box
  • Person met at the customer location
  • Location where the delivery was made on Google Maps!
  • Route taken by your delivery boy to reach any customer

Last Mile Delivery features in FeetPort

  • Latest location tracking
  • Weather & Battery updates
  • SMS/Email alerts to Customer
  • Best Route Planning for delivery
  • Simple & easy Attendance capturing
  • Auto-calculation for distance travelled
  • Digital customer signature on phone

What are the benefits?

  • Efficient auto-allocation of deliveries
  • Delight your customers!
  • Minimize travelling time
  • Live delivery updates
  • Auto-process fuel reimbursements