Your shot at work from home.

With your teams now working from home, keep tabs on their output with remote screenshots & app analysis all powered by 400kB of awesomeness.

Take your best shot.

Life in the Post-COVID era is going to involve working from home, rather working from anywhere. Stay upto date with what your teams do on FeetPort. The app captures screenshots of your teams work throughout their work day. You can view them by task and make decisions on the next steps faster than ever.

No need to Alt-Tab.

With FeetPort available directly as a browser extension, your teams don’t need to switch tabs to start and stop task logs. Just open the browser extension from any tab, and press start to create a new task or stop to end the existing one.

The clock is ticking.

Everytime your teams start or stop tasks, they are synced with the cloud in real-time. So keeping tabs on the work done and time spent is a piece of cake. The time stamps are stored for users, and the apps they use.

Report on my desk.

The task based reports are always available on the FeetPort portal. And in case you like to see it on email, simply turn on the daily email update. Working from home or working from anywhere is a reality. And now work reports for desktop based teams are there to give you the big picture.

Take a screenshot.

With FeetPort directly available in the browser, taking and sending screenshots is a breeze. Every task is supported with screenshots about the work done by your team members. And what more – it’s synced every few minutes so you don’t have to waitt for anything!

Monitor like a boss.

Not only do you get screenshots and time stamps for every task done. But you also have a complete picture of time spent on different apps and websites by the user. The time spent on websites visited is also broken into productive time and unproductive time. Just how you’d expect to see it.

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