Relationships Managed on 1 Screen.

The next-generation of business communication for growing companies. Take your enterprise to the next level with centralised relationship management. All this on open customer platforms like WhatsApp, FB Messenger and you in full control.


Every business has multiple channels of communication with leads and customers. Whether its sales, or servicing, customers need to be communicated and that too, in real-time! Converge brings you all the channels of communication in one single app. It works both on mobile and desktop. All you need to do is connect your accounts to Converge and start accepting messages.

Words on the wall.

Once you start replying to customers, you may need to respond with similar answers. Why waste time typing the same thing you’ve just sent. With canned messages, you can easily store pre-defined templates for sending customers. And what’s more, managers get to control the word that goes out.

Tell me in my ear.

When responding to customers, teams need to discuss behind the scenes. Conversations about customer accounts and preferences can happen remotely and in person. With Converge, you can send private notes amongst your colleagues to discuss a customer account. The private notes remain in the customer chat, but stay invisiible to the customer.

Get the Big Picture.

When you have thousands of customers to service, managers need to stay on top of live changes. A little thing here could endanger a big thing elsewhere. With dashboards, Converge brings all key metrics about your team on a single screen. And it works both on mobile and desktop. Plus, you can customise it to your liking.

Plug it in.

Businesses who already have a system in place for managing customers may need to integrate their customer database with Converge. For this, Converge comes with ready to go APIs for syncing your customer data with CRMs that you already use.

Raise an Alarm.

Customers need their questions heard and answered to within minutes. Teams need to stay on top of this to delight customers. With TAT based alerts built into Converge, managers can stay upto date with their teams response times and words from a single screen.

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