Field Force Automation, for Every Field.

One App to answer all the questions for your field team, about your field team and for the ever changing field force. From Sales Force Automation to Field Service Management to Field Audits. Take FeetPort for a test drive to know more.

Clock-in with your face.

Field teams are mobile. Every day is a new location. So why should your attendance system be fixed in a building? With FeetPort, attendance can be captured wherever your teams go. Geofences are created as per your teams travel plans and attendance is geotagged every single time. Plus, you can always be doubly sure with a face recognised selfie.

Check-in to meetings.

Every meeting with a customer or service visit made by your team gets geotagged. FeetPort makes it simple to check-in for teams with on-screen Google Maps integration. And in case you’d like, you can also show geofences for meetings.

Locate the Location.

FeetPort has advanced location intelligencee built into every app which keep tabs on more than just latitude and longitude. It’s about knowing how long your teams take to reach a location, time they spend at a location and also about their device updates.

Real-time reports.

FeetPort syncs tasks from your teams device in real-time. Whether a customer is serviced, or onboarded, the information is only a click way from you. Every few minutes an information sync takes place which brings everything from the mobile app to the cloud.

View Performance from the top.

With dozens of team members reporting to you, it can be hard to keep a check on everyone’s performance. FeetPort comes with performance dashboards which are available on your home screen. Tracking your most important business parameters is only a scroll away.

Tasks on the fly.

Assign your teams tasks as they meet customers, onboard new ones and service existing customers. Creating a task app is super easy and happens on the fly. No need for your team to come to office for any update. Any task activity you need to track, can be created on the portal and sent to all your field team members in real-time.

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