Happy Expense Management to you.

Expense Management part of an app which brings 100 more capabilities for the enterprise. Spend less time uploading bills and more time growing your business.

Scan with a snap.

Bring all your paper bills into FeetPort with a click. FeetPort uses advanced an cloud engine to convert any bill to text.

1 Bill. 1 Minute.

Once scanned, all the information you need to capture can be easily tagged. And the rest of it is ready for your filling. Practically, you take under 1 minute to add 1 bill. Say goodbye to paper.

Weeks' Trip, Expensed in Minutes.

Sales teams are meeting customers on the go and have a plethora of bills to claim. In FeetPort, one can easily add bills for every trip and submit them to the manager. The process takes few minutes and is a lifesaver compared to the hours wasted in emailing dozens of bills. And lets not mention the tedious excel format one has to fill out.

Create your own ceiling.

Teams submit bills of various types. These can be travel, hotel, food etc. FeetPort provides you a quick way of setting limits on the bill types. Keep your teams appraised of their current spend.

Stay in the loop.

With regular notifications coming onto Email & SMS, managers and team members are always in the loop on the expenses for their teams. It’s easy to turn these on and off as you’d like.

Get the Bosses' Approval.

Every company has different policies and different kinds of bills. With FeetPort, you can create the approval matrix of your choice and get the bills approved. You can add upto 10 sequential levels for bill approval before it reaches finance.

Deployed on Solutions

More time for Sales, less on claims
Faster remote audits, without bill submission visits
Focussed Field Services with minimal expense generation

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