Build Capabilities with Learning.

A fast growing business comes out with new products, new services & new campaigns for customers. With enterprise learning, you can dissipate information faster, with centralised training and content. Build a brand with one voice and a thousands hands.

Upload. Assign. Learn.

Marketing a new product starts by educating your team on how it works and what it does for customers. With a built-in learning system of FeetPort, you can easily bring your team on the same page for every new product, service or induction. Just upload your existing Presentations, Documents, Videos and any media file.

Your time starts, now!

With FeetPort, you can measure the amount of time your teams spend viewing content and taking quizzes. And if you’re looking to foster competition, it’s quite easy to set time limits for content or quizzes.

Stay on track.

Keeping your team on track for new product & service updates is essential. Keep them on their toes, with regular reminders for submitting their quizzes. FeetPort keeps the team updated on the current progess made on every topic.

Learning across Devices.

The learning modules in FeetPort work across devices. If your field team needs training on something, the mobile app is ready. And if your on the desk or WFH (work-from-home) teams need to garner product knowledge, the web app can be leveraged.

Aboard the Leaderboard.

FeetPort maintains the performance of every participants while learning, from the little things, to the not so little things. And everything comes together in the leaderboard. It’s the one place competition can be decisive and everyone sees everyone – in a transparency way.

Multi-level. Multi-dimensional.

When teams are large, there are various dimensions to spread the product knowledge. With FeetPort, you can create multi-level learning modules and manage them for teams across departments and roles.

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