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The best assistant is one who is with you - everywhere you go. Ask questions, get answers instantly and stay on top of your game.

Here are the numbers.

Ever been in a discussion when you need a business statistic, but technology got in the way? It took so long to gather information that the actual purpose of the discussion was lost. With your FeetPort Virtual Assistant, you can focus on the meeting, and get the data the very next second you asked!

Sync. Never-Sleep. Live. Repeat.

Our virtual assistant sits on top of your FeetPort account or ERP/CRM and answers queries that you most commonly have. The best thing, since there is a live connection with FeetPort, every answer that you get is precise and always latest. The waiting ends for business stats, which have meaning only when you need it most! It’s really easy to get started small with 10 queries and then grow from there.

How can I help?

With support for all your popular platforms ranging from WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa to enterprise friendly platforms such as Slack, Skype, Hangouts, Microsoft Cortana are supported readily.

Tell me more about this.

When you have a wide-range of products, some facts can be forgotten and some are forgotten. Now your virtual assistant can be taught everything about your products, from pricing to categories, to customer requirements, to customer recommendations. Delighting customers with your assistant in your pocket becomes a piece of cake.

Decision catalyst.

Information is only as good when you are able to get value out of it. And only way to find value in information is to make it always available for business. Your virtual assistant is always awake and ready to answer questions so that you can make quicker, better and data driven decisions.

Hearing is Caring.

Go one step ahead and stay upto date with the latest happening at work. Without even needing to click or pick your phone. Ask your quick questions via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and receive answers in seconds.

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