Value based pricing to make it happen. worth it. amazing.

Start small or go all the way. There’s a plan for everyone.


The Startup
$4 / month / user
  • Task Management
  • Mobile & Web App
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Selfie Attendance
  • Task & User Reporting


The Fast Growing Team
$6.5 / month / user
  • Everything in Clump +
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Intelligent Scoring
  • OCR Scanner
  • Location Intelligence
  • Add Customers
  • Reminders Notifications


The Established Enterprise
$17 / month / user
  • Everything in Crowd +
  • Linked Activities
  • Task Segmentation
  • Linked Dashboards
  • Inclusive Virtual Assistant

Pricing shown for yearly payable plans

Go Next Level with Add-ons.


Virtual Assistant

For teams who need answers, not tools to leapfrog in business.

Our virtual assistant sits on top of your FeetPort account or ERP/CRM and answers queries that you most commonly have. The best thing, since there is a live connection with FeetPort, every answer that you get is precise and always latest.

The waiting ends for business stats, which have meaning only when you need it most!

And its really easy to get started small with 10 queries and then grow from there.


Omnichannel Chat

For Relationship Managers, who need real-time chat to service their clients.

Every business has multiple channels of communication with leads and customers. Whether its sales, or servicing, customers need to be communicated and that too, in real-time!

Converge brings you all the channels of communication in one single app. It works both on mobile and desktop.

All you need to do is connect your accounts to Converge and start accepting messages.


Digital WebForms

Onboard customers, merchants, agents with simple forms linked with KYC & OTP.

Transform your customer onboarding process from paper to digital forms. Go beyond text based forms and add everything you can see and hear.

Take digital signatures, upload photos, audio snippets and even video uploads.

Create webforms in under 5 minutes and share them over Email or WhatsApp with your customers. Best suited for onboarding, online application forms, remote KYC.


Work from Home

Teams working in a Post-COVID world, empowered to work & report safely

Life in the Post-COVID era is going to involve working from home, rather working from anywhere.

Stay upto date with what your teams do on FeetPort. The app captures screenshots of your teams work throughout their work day. You can view them by task and make decisions on the next steps faster than ever.

Document Signing

Don’t let document signing get in the way of your business.

Every document you sign with your vendors and customers can now be digital.

With FeetPort, you can easily add fields to capture information for an agreement. Thereafter, send it for signing by all the participants. 

Available on all plans

Chat Support

Our expert team is available 9 x 5 to answer your questions on product, new features & pricing. 

Everything you need to know from setting up to configuring the complex requirements

Integration APIs

Need to sync tasks done in FeetPort or want to bring task allocation from another software. FeetPort has ready APIs for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love to be on the same page!

FeetPort is available for anyone to setup and configure on their own. In case, you require our team to setup your account, there is a nominal one-time setup depending on your plan of choice.

Yes. We offer flexible payments plans. However, you need to have atleast 50 users for a monthly payment or atleast 25 users for a quarterly payment plan.

Yes. You can request for a bill change anytime. Any plan change comes into effect on your next billing date. 

Yes absolutely. Goto this link to schedule a demo with our team.

FeetPort comes with 3 tiers of support plans. The base plan is included on all 4 FeetPort plans from Clump to Club. It comes with chat/email based support with 9×5 availability. 

However, the higher support plans are chargeable and offer 24×5 availability as well as telephonic support. 

Yes. FeetPort has readymade RESTful APIs which can be easily linked with any software platform. We also provide a detailed documentation via postman for your integration requirements. 

Not at all. FeetPort is always improving by adding new features for customers. Depending on the plan you have purchased, you can keep exploring the latest features which are rolled out. 

Yes, each feature comes with some ceiling limits which increase with every higher plan. In case your requirements are more, you may upgrade to a higher plan or purchase an addon. 

Refer to this link.

No. FeetPort stores all the images, files and application data inside the app shell. Hence, no personal data of your is touched in any way. 

Yes. FeetPort does work in the absence of a internet connection. In case you do some work inside FeetPort, it gets synced on the next internet session. However, some features which require internet, will not work offline.

FeetPort has hundreds of customisable options. You can go through the app documentation to learn more. Or feel free to reach out to us in case you have a customisation in mind.

Yes. We do have an option to white-label the features of FeetPort. Write to us mentioning your requirements in detail here.

FeetPort runs on most versions of Android and iOS. The base Android version is 4.2 and iOS 9 for iPhones. The detailed breakdown of specifications is available here.

FeetPort enabled directly from our website, gets deployed on Amazon Cloud [Amazon Web Services]. However, we also have an option tto deploy on MS Azure, Google Cloud and even your own private data center. 

Every FeetPort plans comes with 3 licenses to choose from. Basic allows ONLY mobile access (which is the quoted license price on this page). Advance offers web + mobile access (without admin access) and Expert offers unlimited access, meant for admins. 

For details, do refer to this link.