FeetPort Partner Program

Become a FeetPort Partner – or as we like to say, “Friends of FeetPort” and grow with us. 


Referral Partner

Earn quick with referrals across your network

Reseller Partner

Become an ambassador of FeetPort, learn and grow with our platform

Technology Partner

Connect your platform with FeetPort, wherever we go, we go together

Referral Partner

  • Designed for the serial networker
  • Leverage the power of your social media
  • Introduce people to FeetPort and make money on the side
  • Works well with people having jobs but have some time on their hands
  • Revenue sharing is one-time per contract

Reseller Partner

  • Designed for the go-getter, problem-solver & salesman 
  • Leverage the power of your professional network
  • Add FeetPort to your existing list of offerings 
  • Works well with people or companies already offering services in software sales or allied areas like IT hardware
  • Revenue sharing is throughout contract value

Technology Partner

  • Designed for technology providers, much like FeetPort
  • Offer your services bundled inside FeetPort
  • Every-time a customer buys FeetPort with your add-on, you get your moneys worth
  • Works well with companies looking for alternative channels of sales
  • Revenue sharing is throughout contract value

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various slabs depending on the amount of business you can do with us. However, the commission on revenue starts at 10% for Reseller Partner [recurring] and 20% for Referral Partners [one-time].

It’s the opposite actually. You raise invoices to customers you bring on FeetPort. We raise an invoice to you and you pay us the amount keeping the % share as per the slab. 

We have our ready to use documentation and video manuals for customers to use. However, we will train your customers depending on the size and requirement. There would be a training charge involved as per the specifics. 

All plans of FeetPort come with FREE tech support on chat and email. These are available in Indian Standard Time [GMT +5:30] from 9:30am to 6:30pm. If you’d like to get telephonic support for a customer, please contact your partner manager for details. 

There is no onboarding fees if you refer a customer & they pay up within the first 7 days. However, if you’re looking to be trained completely and also receive a functional demo account, there is a nominal one-time fee. The fee varies by geography depending on market size & potential.

Yes, we would be happy to explore that option with you given that you sizeable market reach and understanding. 

Yes of-course. Once your partner sign-up process is complete, you will receive a demo account for showcasing the features in FeetPort. 

For every geography, we associate a certain market potential. Basis this, we mutually work with you to set targets and help you achieve them. It’s not a sprint, we treat this like a marathon.