Track your Team Movement

Track your Team Movement

When teams have people who work outside the office on behalf of the organisation – it is essential to keep a check on them if you’re a serious business.

To do that, FeetPort offers a simple yet powerful solution in its platform.

Location Tracking of teams via the mobile app can allow you to keep a check on the location of your team member at an interval of time – OF YOUR CHOICE!

Besides that, you can also get updates from the staff member’s device –

  • Route taken by the staff
  • Total kilometres travelled in a day/month
  • Live playback of location
  • Battery life on phone
  • Weather conditions around team member
  • Network & internet coverage
  • Forceful airplane mode / internet disconnection
  • Mock location behavior checks

Using the built-in features such as these, one can also manage expense reimbursements digitally and also plan the day for the team members for maximising their productivity.