Task Management

Create tasks, on the fly, wherever you go or your teams go. Works on web & mobile.

Hierarchy. Copy. Paste.

Your company has a hierarchical chain of command. National, Zonal, Regional and beyond.

Bringing the hierarchy into FeetPort is a piece of cake. Just copy the hierarchy and paste it. Every task report will be categorised under its hierarchy.

Scheduler. Always On.

Some work is done now. Some is done later. FeetPort packs a scheduling mechanism for teams to assign work, later.

Whether it’s a one-time schedule or a weekly/monthly recurring one – you decide.

Drop me an note.

We took a note from the social media playbook and brought comments in FeetPort.

Keep your teams and colleagues in the loop with comments. They work in the apps and on the web. Plus, you can easily tag anyone and send them a notification.

Auto-Allocate. Smartly.

Is there anything better than a system that works the way you want it to? Doesn’t seem so.

Smart Auto-allocation is designed to recreate just that. As long as your teams, skillsets, geography etc. are typed in, the autobot (if you will) shall decide who to allocate the work and where. And just in case it doesn’t know what to do, it asks you.

Upload with API. Upload Excel.

Don’t you love it when things just work without fail. Our APIs are designed so that any software can easily upload tasks directly into FeetPort.

And in case API is not for you – the good ol’ excel/csv upload works all the time.

Secured by OTP.

A lot of time, tasks or any work done has an external participant. Like a customer or a merchant. FeetPort allows you to get final approval from them in seconds.

All you need is a secure OTP. Once verified, the task can move ahead.

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