Data Security

Data Security

User Authentication

FeetPort has a 2-level authentication system for all users. This works both at the organisational level and at the user level. The communication with the server is fully encrypted over SSL.

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Single Active Device

FeetPort Mobile licenses can be logged in only on a single device at any given time. No one will be able to login to a device with a username which has already been logged in to another device. Only the Administrator has the permission to disable the old device and enable the new.

SSL Certified

All domains and subdomains of FeetPort are secured with 256-bit SSL certificates. This means, that every time you send data to the server or receive data, the communication is fully encrypted over the transport layer.

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FeetPort Firewall data security

Secure Firewall

FeetPort is deployed on the world class infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. The same services also power companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Adobe, Slack, BMW, Nokia and others.

Single Active Login

Besides allowing a single active login on a mobile device, FeetPort also ensures that at any given time, only a single Web User is allowed to access to Manager Console. This boosts security on multiple levels.

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