Real Time Updates

Get the minute by minute update or hourly update on the progress made. On Email. On SMS. Even WhatsApp.

Pull the Trigger.

If this happens, then do this. Heard of this?

FeetPort packs a variety of triggers which you can set on actions. Say “Whenever a user creates a task, send me WhatsApp message.” And we don’t need to explain more.

This isn’t limited to one, but can make dozens of triggers and automate over 70% of all work.

Don't ignore this Nudge.

It’s not easy to keep track of everything happening – but if someone nudges us about the right thing at the right time, our day is made!

Nudges do just that. If your team needs to be reminded about calling a customer at a certain time, or motivated towards their goal, FeetPort brings simple to use nudges which can be delivered to anyone in the company.

WhatsApp. Telegram. And others.

Notifications. We all have a love-hate relationship with them. But the right ones are so important that everything depends on it.

FeetPort offers you notifications on variety of platforms. From the basic SMS & Email to the latest ones. These include Telegram & WhatsApp with more on the way!

All aboard the Dashboard.

You may or may not find time to dive into reports. But you love and always find time to glance through the dashboards.

FeetPort Dashboards offer a sneak peek into what’s happening in your team. From sales numbers to orders booked, from service request raised to ones resolved and more. See them the way you like, when you like and edit them to your taste!

Push & Pull. 24x7x365.

One of the best ways to do something is to set a reminder. But even better than a reminder, is having a reminder with the button to a quick-action.

With FeetPort, teams are kept in loop with push notifications and quick action buttons which suggest the next course of action!

Get Webhook-ed.

We try to offer all ways to bring news happening inside FeetPort to your inbox. But if there’s something happening in another software you use, that you’d like to see inside FeetPort – we’ve got APIs & webhooks!

With these, you can easily connect any other system to inform FeetPort on an event. Whether its a team member going for a customer meeting, or a leave, we can hook ’em all!

Leap ahead of your competition.

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