Real Time Updates

Real Time Updates

Triggered Emails

Set up a trigger for emailing the Sales Head, every time an order is recorded into FeetPort. You can create such triggers and infinite more. All these emails can have their unique style and content.

Task status email notification by FeetPort
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Triggered SMS

Simply create a trigger for messaging the Supervisor, every time a survey is completed by anyone in FeetPort. You can create such triggers and many more. All these SMSs can have their unique selection of fields and content.

Triggered Push Notifications

Every time you approve a field executives’ verification report, send them an update notification automatically! These will be sent to them on the mobile app – just like a WhatsApp message. You can create such triggers and many more for sending out updates.

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Broadcast Push Notifications

You need to broadcast important messages across your field team – look no further. FeetPort enables you to type in messages and send them out based on intelligent filters, such as – by Supervisor, by Area / Territory.

You can even add images to their notification and guess what – your team will be able to see them even without opening the app!