Capture Geotagged Media

Capture Geotagged Media

Live Images & Video

With FeetPort, you can rest assured that the images and videos which are captured are 100% authentic. Every time a report is filled up – the field executive will be made to take live images or live video only.

Live Image Video by FeetPort
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Digital Signatures

Take Digital Signatures directly with a finger on the touchscreen of your smartphone. This makes it authentic for you to match customer information for authenticity.

Audio Notes

Get real voice feedback directly from your customers when you make audio notes part of your feedback process. Next time, you send a field executive to meet a customer, make sure he records the feedback and shares it with you.

FeetPort Geo Tagged Audio Recording
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Every image, signature, audio note and video recording is geotagged and timestamped – making sure that the reports which get stored are fully authentic and informative for future referencing.

You can even setup a geofence to make sure that a customer’s image is taken only at the mentioned address. All you need is the address of the customer prior to the visit!