Location Intelligence

Bring the power of Google Maps & GPS to your business.

GPS Location Tracking.

Keep a track of your field team during work hours. FeetPort is optimised to capture location using GPS & WiFi of mobile devices.

PS: We take user privacy seriously and don’t track location outside of business hours

Travel Analysis.

Since you have a location track of your teams, we go a step further and provide you vital information about the time spent at a location, time spent travelling and the actual kilometres/miles travelled.

This requires Google Maps to calculate Roads taken while travelling

Geofencing & Geotagging.

Every location visited by your team is geotagged. Moreover, customer/merchant locations are geofenced and geotagged at the same time.

And FeetPort ensures that location reports cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Device Analytics.

When your business process is dependent on the field team and the field team dependent on their devices – it’s important to keep track of device behaviour.

Keep a check on internet settings, GPS settings, WiFi, hotspot and more with Device Analytics for FeetPort.

Location based Alerts.

Make sense of location tracking with real-time alerts. If your field team is stuck at location for long, or going to a wrong location, take action before its too late.

Location alerts are received on SMS and Push Notifications.

Route Planning.

The best leaders provide direction to their teams more than anything. Why shouldn’t you?

With FeetPort, your teams have the option to see the most optimal route for the work assigned to them. And in case any changes are made, the route updates itself!

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