Digital Activity Forms

It’s digital scaffolding to the digital building of your dreams

Digital Forms.

Create forms digitally. Convert excel based forms into beautiful forms on mobile or web apps. Add any number of fields you need. Use it for internal teams and external ones.

Smart Conditions.

The form builder allows you to set conditions for when a field should be fillable or visible. There are no limits to the combinations you can create with this. The best teams keep their forms neat and tidy with need-only basis fields.

And guess what, everything works with drag and drop!

Dynamic Workflows.

In most cases, a form would be used by more than 1 person. Create a workflow with multiple stages and permissions and let the teams should know what to do next.

Take control over what information gets filled by admins and what is filled on the mobile app.

Simplified Filling.

A long form may take time to fill. Not to worry.

FeetPort has some amazing tricks to help you here.
Fill a field with Voice-to-text
Scan a QR code to fill the form
Scan an NFC key to fill parts of the form
Use OCR to capture information and fill the form

Above & Beyond Text.

Why stop at text fields when you can capture anything?

With a plethora of media interfaces like photo capture, audio recording, video recording and digital signature, everything can be part of your records.

Intelligent Scoring.

Don’t stop at merely collecting information. Make sense of forms with an intelligent score.

FeetPort brings a built-in scoring system which allows you customizable score based on every form input. Go ahead and try!

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