Centralised File Sharing

Centrally manage all customer brochures, catalogues and use the power of FeetPort to share with your teams. And yes, with the restrictions you just thought of.

Universal. Point of View.

Store your organisational secrets or customer brochures. Everything or nothing.

Show to all or show to some. FeetPort’s high dynamic file manager gives you all the customisation you need.

Quick. Share.

Sharing files internally or with customers, it only take few seconds to select and go. With your integrated communication channels, it becomes even faster.

Files are displayed by type like Photos, Videos, Documents & Links. So locating and sharing the right one doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

Lock & Load.

There are some files which are not for all. While some are.

FeetPort gives you complete control over who sees what and where. Set those permissions straight and be in control.

Customer. Impact.

Delight your customers with information they need, when they need it.

With the files shortcuts directly on your mobile device, sharing really shows you’re caring!

Accept All. View All.

FeetPort supports over 15 different file formats for you to upload. And we also maintain the files by type so locating them is never an issue.

Cut the Cord.

Storing files offline is only a click away. Amongst the hundreds or thousands of files, you may store only a few for ready reckoners.

What you see is what you get :)

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