Aadhaar Authentication

Aadhaar Authentication

Access with Biometric Device

You can connect any of the STQC certified biometric devices with FeetPort and thereafter validate your customers’ information by taking their biometric fingerprint. The fingerprint is captured and immediately encrypted so that, EVEN we don’t have access it. It reaches the UIDAI server and thereafter the response gets processed.

Access with SMS OTP on Mobile

In case, a biometric device is not relevant, you can instead opt in for accessig Aadhaar APIs with an SMS based OTP (One time password) which is sent to the applicant’s phone. If the OTP is entered correctly, his/her information gets seamlessly fetched and populated on the digital form in FeetPort. All this connects directly with the UIDAI server and thereafter the response gets processed.

Aadhaar based Authentication

If your business needs to verify the authenticity of someone’s Aadhaar number / fingerprint to award them or provide benefits for a particular scheme then Aadhaar Authentication is for you. On submitting a biometric fingerprint or valid SMS OTP, the Aadhaar server can confirm where the Aadhaar number shared is valid and mapped with the persons’ fingerprint or mobile number. This is the very same solution used by Govt. of India for attendance of their employees.

Aadhaar based Verification (eKYC)

Things become a lot more comprehensive in eKYC. If your business process requirements are to validate customers and thereafter store the authentic identity information (fetched from Aadhaar) then Aadhaar eKYC is the perfect solution for you. On submitting a valid fingerprint or SMS OTP, the applicant’s details, including First Name, Last Name, Father’s Name, Address, Pincode, City, DOB etc. are captured and stored in the digital form within FeetPort.

To put simply, FeetPort offers you a one-stop shop for all your Aadhaar API and relevant software (mobile & web) requirements.