DoT Gives its Mandate on Aadhaar eKYC
Posted by Ashish Kumar | 12. November 2018

The Supreme Court’s order on September 26 that barred private companies from using Aadhaar-based electronic know-your-customer (e-KYC) is finally taking its toll on the telcos. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT)...

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Posted by Ashish Kumar | 17. October 2018

Your Aadhaar Card will no longer be valid for eKYC processes per the latest ruling by the Supreme Court. As a consequence of the verdict, private organizations like telcos and...

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aadhaar ekyc alternative
Posted by Ashish Kumar | 4. October 2018

In a major development, the Supreme Court gave its verdict against the use of Aadhaar card for authentication purposes. As a result of the verdict, private organizations like telecom operators...

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Posted by Ashish Kumar | 3. October 2018

In the era of the digital life, mobile wallets have revolutionized the way in which a common man makes payments. India came up with its own solution to solving cash...

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Posted by Ashish Kumar | 11. January 2018

Servicing is the heart and soul of any product. Without it, customers don’t trust products and thereby don't buy it. It becomes extremely important to have a servicing framework which...

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Posted by Ashish Kumar | 29. November 2017

With every business eyeing global reach and domination, it has never been more important to deploy business process analytics which are location aware. When businesses expand beyond their home geography,...

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Digital Process Audit App
Posted by Ashish Kumar | 22. November 2017

Processes are the cement in the foundation of any organisation. It is these very processes, that hold an organisation and its people together. With the rapid proliferation of startups and...

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Working professional using mobile app like FeetPort or WhatsApp to update his daily report to the supervisor
Posted by admin | 31. August 2017

The most difficult of things 500 years ago was communication because one could only send messages through a channel one trusted completely and it still took weeks not days. Today,...

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