How can I transform my field servicing business?

How can I transform my field servicing business?

How can I transform my field servicing business? January 11th, 2018

How can I transform my field servicing business?

Posted by Ashish Kumar | 11. January 2018 | Blog

Servicing is the heart and soul of any product. Without it, customers don’t trust products and thereby don’t buy it. It becomes extremely important to have a servicing framework which is available, active and most importantly effective.

FeetPort empowers any organisation to create end-to-end frameworks for the servicing process lifecycle of the customers. This can be done in 4 easy-to-do steps. The following flowchart explains the lifecycle of a service query perfectly.

Enable your customers to submit their requirement for a product repair/service, say Washing Machine as per an available date / time from the calendar. This every calendar will be synced as per the schedule of your servicing team. You can create slots, manage availability and setup conditions to manage the customers’ request. For example, you can allow customers to submit requests only for times which are 4 hours ahead of the current time. Appointment of servicing tasks will be additionally mapped as per the territorial mapping of your field team.

In the assignment stage, you can enable the servicing tasks to be allocated to people who are assigned work in the given geography and also ensure that the work is assigned to the idle-most person who is nearest from the customers’ location. The customer can be informed of this via an instant SMS.

In order to facilitate detailed servicing reports, you can create a digital format (even from the existing paper format) which your servicing technician can fill out. This can be totally customized to include text fields, dropdowns, conditional fields, photo captures, QR/Barcode scans, Digital Signatures and much more!

Finally, an SMS is sent to the customer with a link (URL) where he/she can fill out and give feedback on the servicing activity carried out for them. This feedback with be mapped alongside the service report which will be available on the reports.

With the above process automation, you can rest assured that you, your team and the customer are going to be in sync for each and every service request. With the execution of this automation, you can typically increase customer delight by 13-18%

Contributed by Saraansh Tandon, Chief Energetic Officer of FeetPort



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