How can I execute process audits with a mobile app?

How can I execute process audits with a mobile app?

How can I execute process audits with a mobile app? November 22nd, 2017

How can I execute process audits with a mobile app?

Posted by Ashish Kumar | 22. November 2017 | Blog

Processes are the cement in the foundation of any organisation. It is these very processes, that hold an organisation and its people together. With the rapid proliferation of startups and enterprises, it becomes imperative to carry out process audits from time to time.

Process audits in layman terms are a bunch of questions which (if answered honestly) help an organisation to generate a report card for their processes. These are a bunch of standard questions which are answered in Yes/No or sometimes with detailed inputs with regard to the realities in the process.


The audits are carried out by people with the relevant professional background about the process. The answers to the questions are typically noted down or captured in an excel document. But the premise for the audit is not really in the capturing of the answers to the questions but publishing of a relevant report which is the real output of the process audit.

If an organisation is able to generate reports near instantaneously for every audit carried out, the organisation can make better and more informed decisions about their business. Not only that, with reports happening in real-time, the organisation can be compliance ready and execute strategies many times faster!

FeetPort Digital Audit Process

THIS is where, FeetPort comes in.

With FeetPort, you can create digital forms with questions and answers which can be filled out from anywhere on a mobile app or web app. On submission, these are automatically compiled and available for anyone to view and use thereafter.

One can, very easily, create an audit format in a few minutes, and have it scaffold to the mobile app in no time. Within the format, one can create interfaces having a scoring schema, which will enable calculation of score for each question and thereby the whole audit. One can enable all of the following features to enrich the Audit process:

  • Closure with SMS OTP (validation sent to the auditee)
  • Digital signatures on the app screen
  • Conditional field mapping
  • Geotagged audit location
  • Geotagged Proofs
  • Real time update of the Audit
  • Geofenced location (to ensure area based audit)
  • Asset scanning with Barcode/QR code/NFC tags
  • Scoring based on each option chosen in the Questionnaire

With these and several finer level optimisations, we can digitise, automate and analyse the entire process audit lifecycle using FeetPort. In case you’d like to know more about the implementation of FeetPort for your organisation, please visit here or mail us at

Contributed by Saraansh Tandon, Chief Energetic Officer of FeetPort



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