Real-time Updates

Imagine having reports for every task completed, every job done and every customer visited instantly available to you. Keep up to date with your field team’s updates, has never been easier!

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Your business, your territories

Scaling business starts with visualizing your business. What better to visualise than with Areas and Territories of your presence!

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Make work interesting

See your customer information in Pie Charts, Bar Graphs and more – viewing information not only makes work interesting but also drives better output!

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Unified Formats, for all.

With your team using a singular format for filling out customer responses, client feedback and retailer griveances – it becomes a lot easier to boost affectiveness of your team.

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Bird Eye Location tracking with FeetPort

Dive deep or take a birds eye view

Birds Eye View

Find the closest person for the job, find the idlest person for the job, find the best person to get the job done. ALL of this, from one place.

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FeetPort Real time selfie attendance with geo tagging
Authentic Location Updates

With GPS enabled smartphones, everything captured from a device becomes doubly validated. Besides the date and time, you now get an address to tag along with every picture.

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No additional cost for assurance

Are all benefits standardfor all customers?

Yes, the benefits are standard for all customers who purchase FeetPort. The difference only lies in the plan chosen by the user. We have made 4 plans for you to choose from which have the right mix of what you need from initiating automation to going all in!

FeetPort Time and task scheduling application for field force

It’s simple! With a reducing clock for every task, your team knows best what to do now and what to do later.

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FeetPort mobile product listing

Schedule your work. Schedule your meetings. An easy and effective way to plan your week/month.

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Data Privacy and Security by FeetPort

Real communication happens when all speak the same language. If you already know the list of responses for the field visits, you can easily add them to FeetPort and save more than 32% time in filling out formats.

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Why choose FeetPort?

When you get serious about scaling your business, you need tools which help you achieve that scale. Tools which are scalable, viable and most importantly reliable.


Seeing is believing.

What is stopping you now? With the bountiful benefits coming your way with FeetPort, just imagine the boost in efficiency you’re going to get, the resources that you can utilise and finally, the cost you’re going to save!Get Started

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